Lately, my attitude has changed. I respond to challenges now instead of reacting to them. Instead of feeling my way through situations, I think through them and try to think up solutions. And I think I might know why I’m more inclined to act this way now.

Recently, my Tetris skills have been improving. I’m getting really close to what I thought I wasn’t capable of, and it’s shown me that I’m capable of really awesome things. Under a certain set of circumstances, at least. The circumstances are that I enjoy the process of whatever it is that’s to be done. Once that’s present, all I really have to do is enjoy myself constantly, and one day, I’ll be good enough at it to make money off of it.

So now, what I’m trying to do is put myself in those situations, and to practice things in general. A lot of baby steps: that’s what the strategy is.

And I apologize if this seems really boring/straight-forward. Lol. I just coffee’d up and I’m struggling to think deeply about this. Actually, I think I might be uninterested in this (thus, making it uninteresting) because I’d rather get on with the work I want to do. I want to bring more interesting articles to this blog. I want to write insightful, thought-provoking stuff.

I want to learn and record a bass cover of a song every 3 days. I want to get better at writing stories and stuff. I want to try pottery and cooking and baking. I want to… ugh… get my highschool diploma…

So I apologize again if this seems like a boring post. Y’know, maybe it’s not that boring to you, but it’s boring to me because there are so many other things I want to do. (Don’t worry, I’ll be sharing them too.) Might also be that I’m not an afternoon/early evening person. But hey, I wrote this anyway.

I’m so cool.

I hope this isn’t the only productive thing I do tonight.

Edit: Oh, I seem to have left out how I good I think I am at Tetris. Here’s a link of a time I got lucky:

I’m now this fast every other game I play. LIMITS. WHAT ARE?



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