Fish forgets he’s in his own bowl


Thing is, I see things other people don’t see. And I guess that should be pretty obvious; everyone’s got their own perspective of things.

When I see people in situations where I’d have a problem, I start to believe that they have a problem with those situations too. And this has caused me to follow false trails, thinking I can help solve a problem when either noone else sees the problem or the problem isn’t really there.

But what this also allows me to do is to see the nice things hidden within other things that are generally believed to suck. Again, those hidden things really are beautiful, but I don’t know if even the authors of those things intended them to be beautiful in the way I interpret them. ( Does that make those things less beautiful? )

So I’m reluctant to write about my thoughts on things now, because I’m kinda conflicted about… what stance I should take in terms of how much I embrace my personal perspective, contrary to the opinions of others.

I’ve always thought that an inability to see things from another’s perspective is an unfortunate thing. But maybe people like that are stronger. Perhaps they have more conviction. Perhaps they’re less likely to stop once they start.

Anywho, I apologize for not following up on the things I said I’d write. Most of them are still on the table, in spite of this personal dilemna I’m going through. (But not really in spite of it, just contrary to it.) It’s just some old ideas that are kinda falling ill to what’s going on in my head.

Thank you please come again. And if you have any thoughts on whatever, there’s a comment section now ._.



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