Random Lil’ Update 4/28/13, then some talk about consoles


Ah, Alona Beach. That hut there with the weird roof? That’s where I (accidentally) spilled a manga smoothie on myself then jumped in the ocean for the first time in 12 years. (Feet in cold water on the other side of the pacific doesn’t count.)

So I’ve got an article in mind and by mentioning it, I hope to… er…. It’s really hard to explain. I don’t want to forget to write this thing… So if I mention that I’m planning to write it, I’ll feel compelled to really do it? I’ll feel like I need to be accountable to whoever reads this thing? Iuno.

Anywho, the thing will be about videogames and “psychology”. Sort of like a Call of Duty vs League of Legends, for anyone familiar with my first series. ( https://pyrusic.wordpress.com/category/video-games/ ) But it’ll be more about the people playing the games than the games themselves, so I don’t think it’ll be a continuation of that series.

In other news, there were some great deals on Dead Island: Riptide over at my local (30 minute commute away, part of a franchise) videogame store. I might write a review or something. I almost wrote and posted a review, after a day of no-sleep and a bad misunderstanding about how the game was supposed to be played. I don’t want to post anything where I’m just blindly angry; I want to be able to explain things, so this review might never exist.

The word “video” looks weird to me now.

And now for some talk about consoles. I have a friend (if you’re reading this, hey friend 8D) who told me that people play the objective more in CoD and BF3 on Xbox. And a lot of my friends are on it, too. And I think I’d really enjoy Halo. Seems like the general consensus that online play is just better on 360. And I have $300 that I don’t know what to spend on.

The original plan for my money was to buy a PSVita, so that I could get over my fear of taking public transit (I’m deathly afraid of getting bored, then having nothing to do on account of being miles away from home) but then I realized that Pokemon. And Nintendo DS. So no, I don’t really need a PSVita and I didn’t want one before all this transit nonsense. (But it seems like a good investment for when the PS4 comes around. That’ll be a while though.)

In conclusion, look forward to that article on CoD and LoL. (Not really on LoL though. Just using it as a stand-in for RPG-like games. Yeah, I know League isn’t an RPG per se, but it’s closer to one than CoD is.) I feel like I should say more, after starting the conclusion with “In conclusion,” but I really have nothing else to say. Uh… I guess…. I’m also interested in anime/manga culture, and maybe I should write about that some day. And I just had an idea for a post about work, and the unrealistic fantasies I have about finding an interesting place to make money.

I probably have ADD or something. A professional told me.


Edit: Oh, and I have a twitter. Retweet me or something. And there’s a comments section down below! Uh, comment section question time! Have you ever gone to a place, on the other side of the world or other side of the street, where you didn’t expect it in the slightest but it felt more like home than you ever thought a place could feel?

Funny story, I was only looking for an interesting picture to post with this post but it’s given me a lot to talk about.



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