April 19th, Thoughts on Disability.


I might be mentally disabled, in a way. (Maybe those aren’t the right words to describe it.) And that explains some things.

But I’m already known, by my actions and not what I might be classified as whenever the results from my testing comes in.

I might have an excuse now, for the things I’ve done or failed to do, but I don’t think that changes much.

I can’t come out with it now, let everyone I’ve disappointed know that there are things I didn’t know I could’ve done. People will find ways to blame me for that. It’s their culture, I guess.

In the minds of some people, it’s as if it’s to be looked down upon that I might be disabled, even if it’s nothing I could’ve helped.

I’m a lot smarter than I act, in most situations. So people end up making negative assumptions, and voicing their opinions, trying to hide them, trying to be clever. In most cases, though, I’m much smarter than them. And I understand what they say.

Eh. Just an update on what’s going on in my head.



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