Some 2AM rant about the moon


I used to watch the moon from the window of the upstairs living room. (I call it a living room because it has a tv and a couch and everyone treats it as a living room.) I would sit right next to the window, which took up 70% of the wall and faced the cul-de-sac that the house was on. I put my tower and monitor on the floor near a segment of window that opened and when I sat in front of computer, I could see out the window since it started a foot from the floor and ended a foot from the ceiling.

I had a weird set-up, since I was sitting on the ground. The monitor was angled up by a warped cardboard box (that was for a different monitor) and I kept the side of the tower open facing the part of the window that opened. This helped keep the thing cool enough. It was an old set, Windows XP and just good enough to browse the net and do homework on. (Apparently, good enough for Photoshop too, but that’ll be important some other time.) I sat on a small rocking chair that I’m not going to try to describe. It’s 2am. Let’s just say that it was made in such a way that my bottom was half a foot from the floor. And the keyboard, an old usb keyboard, sat across my lap and a piece of paper taped to a magazine was my mouse pad, and it lay on the floor beside me.

But why am I describing this? Not sure. All I know is that I must’ve spent months there. At least a hundred consequtive nights. That was back in the day, when people thought I’d go to school if I didn’t have a computer in my room or similar things to that. That used to be my life. I got to know the moon pretty well during that time. I’d see it and know that it wasn’t where it was yesterday, and similar things to that.

I thought I saw the light of the moon on a part of my blanket that had fallen on the floor. So I looked up through the window on the wall behind me (when I’m facing the right way in my bed) because the moon is sometimes at an angle steep enough that it shines through my window, through the crack between my house and the next. But it wasn’t there. The light was coming from the lights on my laptop, when I put it down to take a nap or something.

I guess I got pretty excited to see the moon again. I got familiar with it a long time ago. My life used to be something else. Idno if I’m trying to sound dramatic. I think I should really think through how I feel about my memories concerning that period in my life.

I can almost feel like I wanted to be there forever. And I know that sentence might’ve not made the most sense but that’s exactly how I like it. I might not be making sense right now, but whatever I wrote down right there, I can’t make myself change it.

I can almost feel like I wanted to be there forever. Crouched over some work. Staring at an old screen. Work to do. Under the light of the moon in the summer.



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