My present (and sort-of past) with Call of Duty


So I’ve been playing some Black Ops 2 again, I think 5 hours or so over the past 2 days. And I do pretty well in my games, for some reason or another. I use my brain a lot more than the people I play against, I guess. And my reflexes are fast as ever. I don’t play ranked games though, since there’s probably still the problem of the losing team all quitting out of the game within the first 30 seconds.

But I would like some more challenge. More than challenge, though, I think I’d be realy interested in more community.

I was watching a video on YouTube by this guy that I’ve been following for a while. (He does videos on weapon reviews and stats and I used to be into that before I stopped playing as often.) And he said that Activision is really pushing for a more active competetive scene in order to unify the Call of Duty community, since it’s apparently very fragmented right now. And I love community. So I’d like to start a clan or something, get good at the game, and help a little with the unifying of the community ._.

Plain and simple. Except I don’t know where to find a clan. Moreover, I don’t just want a clan, I want friends. Oh my god, am I sad kid? Well, no. What I mean is that I don’t just want a group of people to play the game well with, I want a group of people to *enjoy* the game with.

Looking back at it now, I think that might’ve been a lot of why I started playing CoD. I mean, games are games and games are fun, but why CoD over something else? (I actually kinda regret getting into the yearly CoD-buying cycle. Didn’t leave me any cash to try something new, which is where fun usually is.) In junior high, all my friends played it. The end, I guess. And the start.

Tch, and I thought I’d have a story to tell. I guess this brings me to another point: I have terrible memory. Believe me, I got tested not too long ago and that was what was most apparent at the time of the testing. But what does that have to do with this? I think I forgot.

What I think I’m trying to say is that I want CoD to be more than a pastime. I want my actions to make some kind of change, maybe. And what that guy on YouTube said in his video brought it to my attention that I could bring both purpose and community to the game by getting into the competetive scene.

So I guess all I need to do is find people I like who’d like to work towards a common goal through common means.

Other than that, I think the only problem would be that CoD can be a very boring game. But having friends to play with might change that. But where can I find such people?

If any of you readers are interested, (lol, what readers?) here are my details.

PSN: Xx-NyanTaiga-xX or e-mail me at nyantaiga(at)gmail(dot)com

By the way, does anyone know why when people mention their emails on a blog post or something, they don’t use @s or .s ? I could guess, or someone could tell me.



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