3-6-13 Some thoughts


I think of “other writers” I know and wonder why I don’t have as much written down as they do. And I think to myself something like, “It seems like you don’t really have much to write about,” or “Life’s not given you much material, has it?” But then I think, “It kind of has” and I start to wonder what in my life I could relate to the world.

I find it hard to finish writing stories that… I only write for the sake of getting something down. I mean, there’s this one story floating around in my head but I only started it because I wanted to try writing a horror-esque story. [Honestly though, why am I aiming for genres when I haven’t even written much vanilla?] And now I’m having trouble finishing it, and changing it the way I want to, because I’m not all that interested in the characters I’ve let loose in that world.

I think that this is because I started with a plot, a genre, and a twist in mind. Not character. But what do I know? I haven’t written much at all.

Digression: I don’t like the sound of other people’s voices while I’m trying to think.

So here’s my checklist, I guess:

  1. Analyze your life, see if there’s anything there that you can talk about.
  2. Start with character, but since you want to finish this story, why not elaborate on these characters? If you can get yourself to care, other people are bound to.

Thus is the plan. And now, sleep.




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