First Days of School


Not been writing a whole lot lately, which is ironic because now is about the time when I thought I’d have the most to write about, having started school and all that. When I got there, though, there wasn’t much to talk about. Life was like one flavour of ice cream, I guess.

The problems I thought I’d have to deal with when I got back to school weren’t really there. The worst thing that happened was that I forgot which locker was mine. (I knew whereabouts it was but I forgot exactly which it was. Never kept anything in there anyway, just wanted a place to put my jacket.)

My friends didn’t bother me about the semester break I took. I still had a place reserved for me at the lunch table. Had a few fun “yo, I though you died” conversations, some about university and the future. Something feels quite abnormal though, in terms of what my friends are talking about. I’ve just started going to school again and everybody is talking about graduating ._.

Talking about plans of renting a limo for banquet, things like that. I don’t know what to call the feeling. I guess I could call it feeling out of place… But I don’t. My friends make me feel like I’m not anywhere I’m not supposed to be. I could say that…

It feels like I’ve gone through a time machine. I went to another place and came back. It feels kind of weird. I guess it’s just what I should expect. Things changed while I was gone. No big deal really.

Meeting with the psychologist on tuesday, I think. Results are supposed to come back on a couple little tests I did, one for depression and another for anxiety. I don’t think I’m depressed but I think there’s a good chance I have anxiety problems. One of the things I plan to talk about is how I imagine people that I can’t handle and they stress me out. Lol. People say it’s a little crazy but it is what it is. And it’s happening.

Some library books overdue. Fees are up to around $3, most likely. So I plan to go to the library first thing in the morning, drop them off on my way to school. Unless I get a ride… But the fees would go up if the library people don’t find it there in the morning. So I guess I’m taking the bus.

Not much going on, is there? I like it this way.



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