Slow week, it’s been


I wrote about how I stopped working on things in another post. It was very long and I’m not going to ask people to read it. But the problem is that it happened again. I stopped working on the blog for a few days.

Now, I could blame it on a couple things. Mostly just one thing though: my fluctuating sleep habits. When I don’t sleep and wake up at the same times every day, I lose my sense of time. Instead of saying “Yeah, let’s do work today,” I think to myself, “Waste 20 hours before going back to sleep.” And that’s what I do. Except I messed up yesterday and slept at 12pm, just like the day before. That might be why I’m capable of writing this post now. Lol. Funny, huh?

I don’t think that’s the only reason though. I feel like writing like I’ve been lately… isn’t satisfying me. In some way. Perhaps it’s because I can’t see it connecting to anything larger than what it is. Maybe I don’t feel like talking about games (the way I do) is helping anybody or contributing anything useful to the world.

So what do I write about? I think that series of posts bore me. I end up finishing them for the sake of finishing them. (But I have to finish what I start so look forward to the end of Comparing Games later on.) I only cut them into parts because they get too long. Hmm. Now I’m lost.

What I planned to say is that I need to think about why I’m here. When I don’t know why I do things, I don’t do them. I hope that doesn’t sound immature, but I’m just being honest. I am disinclined to do what’s to be done when I can’t discern its deeper definition.

Basically, I do what I want. And I need to find out why I want this blog.



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