Fixing the sleep schedule, checking on lions.


For most of last week, I slept from 4AM to 2PM regularly. I think it was Sunday that threw it off. Family went out for breakfast then a family friend’s house, not something I’d disagree with unless I was as sleep-deprived as I was. I think I ended up going to bed at 3PM. Can’t quite remember when I woke up or how long I slept. All I know now is that I have a sleep schedule to fix. It makes the parents angry to see me in bed all day, or at least when they’re here.

The plan is to sleep a little bit later every day, by at least 3 hours or so. By the end of the week, I should be nice and normal. (But who knows, lol, maybe I won’t like normal.) I don’t like having such a sporadic schedule. I don’t mind sleeping at 4AM regularly, as long as it’s regular. When I don’t sleep on a schedule, I don’t have a good sense of time and I don’t get work done. And I’d like to get work done.

It might be problematic to be awake while everyone else is, though. There’s always the chance of someone being pissed off for no reason, or for bad reasons. But avoiding them is like refusing to check up on some lions in a cage you know you have to walk through sometimes. You can’t keep track of them unless you get in there once in a while. You never know if they’re getting hungry.

I know I’ll never make some people happy but at the very least, I want to keep them from eating me. Figuratively, of course.

So I have to find a balance between knowing what the lions are thinking and keeping outside the cage long enough to have time to worry about myself and the things I’d like to do. 4AM to 12PM wasn’t bad for that, but it’s bad for school and seeing friends. Might as well sleep when everyone else does.





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