Turning a bad lie into a useful truth


I was about to publish a post about how spiteful I was against scientists, accusing them of being pampered kids who only had the time to wonder how the world worked because they never had to wonder if their friends and family really cared about them. But then I realized I was just being a pusillanimous poltroon and afraid to admit that life spawns bad guys against all of us.

(In other news, while I was searching for a strong synonym for “coward”, I noticed that google suggested the search “coward the cowardly dog”. Lol. Who made that mistake?)

But there’s good news too. A few minutes ago, after I established that I had no excuse to refuse to be a scientist if I really wanted to be one, I analyzed a statement that I made to a teacher of mine 4 years ago.

“What are your dreams for the future and why?”

“I actually teared up when I saw the news of schools collapsing in rural China due to the earthquakes. I want to become an engineer so I can keep these kinds of things from happening.”

I never wanted to be an engineer (specifically). I just wanted to help people.

But it didn’t help that I was under so much pressure to settle for something to study…

There I go again, looking for other people to blame. Don’t you realize, brain!? Whether or not people gave me these problems, I’ve gotta make things alright.

For all you kids out there reading this (haha, if there are any), I challenge you to argue against things you believe about yourself and others. It really helps to sort the truth out. And, at the very least, the truth makes life make sense. Or it might not. You never know until you try.



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