In the beginning…


I’m writing on a laptop, on a moderately wobbly desk that’s a little too high. My chair’s already set as high as it goes. The pillow that I usually have behind my back is now underneath me, a little extra height to keep my elbows from getting sore resting on the desk. It’s probably plywood covered in melamine, the desk I mean. My back is sore; this chair never had any lower back support. Sacrificing my comfy elbows, I pull the pillow out from underneath me and put it behind me instead. It’s warm and nice, the way a hot water bottle is nice.

I didn’t know what to write about for my first blog entry so I started it like I’d start a story: by giving the audience a sense of time and place.

Except I don’t write stories. I’d like to though, from now on and for the rest of my life, I think.

Is a picture in your head really all it’ll take to keep you here? What else would you like to know?



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